While June Shannon’s family is worried about her alleged new boy toy, June is living it up.

She is loving herself.

She is unstoppable.

And June is now flaunting her latest makeover.

On Thursday, September 23, Mama June Shannon took to Twitter to share one of her own TikTok videos.

She also included a message of self-love.

“I’m loving myself more and more [every day],” she began.

“I’m awesome,” June wrote. “Life is awesome.”

The 42-year-old grandmother declared: “No one can keep me down.”

In the video, the newly made over reality star is seen lipsyncing to Tay Money’s “Bussin.”

As for the makeover itself, it’s subtler than some of her previous transformations.

Most of June’s recent posts have shown her with shoulder-length hair in a simple style.

Her new video shows her hair in voluminous waves and at greater length than before, making a flattering frame for her face.

It’s no secret that June’s 2019 downward spiral, and the years leading up to it, had an adverse impact upon her.

First and foremost, her mental, physical, and emotional health took a nosedive.

Secondly, her entire life crumbled before her eyes. She lost her home and, for a while, lost her family.

But June is aware that her drug-fueled lifestyle of her downward spiral also took a toll on her appearance.

June had spent a lot of time and money on transforming herself into more of what she wanted to look like.

A lot of that work was undone, and she has had to take steps to reclaim her image just as she has had to reclaim her life.

One of the first steps that June took after beginning her sober journey was to get some dental work done.

In her first videos upon giving up drugs, it was extremely obvious that she had a missing tooth.

It was actually a missing veneer, and a dedicated dental team fixed her smile early last year.

Getting healthy and getting the body shape that she wants are two different things.

Exercise, remaining sober, and keeping up healthy habits can do wonders for how she feels and her state of health.

More superficial changes are difficult to attain and much harder to maintain, especially given her personal history.

Aside from some overdramatized moments of June indulging herself on camera, she has been hard at work.

Her new body transformation journey has taken a back seat to her efforts to repair her bonds with her family.

She broke their trust and betrayed them. It will take time and effort for them to mend fences.

But some ties are best left cut.

June and Geno Doak are no longer a couple, as he is “old news.”

In fact, recently, June appears to have been keeping the company of a new, much younger man.

June is the first to tell you that she and 24-year-old TikToker Jordan McCollum are “just friends.”

Jordan, himself recently sober and also a father despite his young age, is certainly benefitting from this … friendship.

June has reportedly spent tens of thousands on him, buying him cars (one car, then a replacement), furniture, and even a cash allowance.

June’s family has expressed concerns about this relationship.

First, because they worry that June is being used for money. Second, because they worry that if he relapses, she might follow.

We certainly hope that June’s makeover was for her benefit and not for any alleged boy toy.

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