Justin Bieber Drops ‘Anyone’ Song – Read Lyrics & Watch Video!

Justin Bieber‘s new song “Anyone” has arrived and Zoey Deutch stars in the music video alongside him!

The 26-year-old singer dropped the new song at the stroke of midnight and started New Year’s Day with the release of his new music. In the video, Justin and Zoey recreated scenes from the classic movie Rocky with him as the title character and her as Adrian.

For the video, Justin used makeup to cover up all of the tattoos on his body. He has had tattoos for a decade now, so this is a completely different look for him!

“That you are the only one I’ll ever love / Yeah, you, if it’s not you, it’s not anyone / Lookin’ back on my life you’re the only good I’ve ever done / Yeah, you, if it’s not you, it’s not anyone,” Justin sings in the chorus.

This isn’t the first time that Zoey has starred in a major star’s music video. She previously appeared in Ed Sheeran‘s video for “Perfect” back in 2017.

Click inside to watch the video now…

Keep reading to check out the song’s lyrics!

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