Dog 2021 zodiac horoscope: What your Chinese zodiac sign means for you this year

Chinese New Year: Each Zodiac sign explained

The Chinese zodiac signs are linked to lunar years, so your sign depends on the year you were born rather than your birthdate. The signs are the 12 different animals from the story The Great Race, and the Dog is one of them. People born in 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006 and 2018 are probably the Dog sign, but double check online because the Chinese New Year starts anywhere between January 21 and February 20. chatted to Feng Shui Expert Marites Allen (@maritesallen on Instagram) to find out the horoscope for people born on Dog years.

According to Marites, this year is going to require a lot of patience from the Dog.

She said: “The year 2021 for the Dog will be one that sees you start to begin new goals.

“Despite the threats of robbery and accidents that could be present in the house chart of the Dog in 2021, he should not lose hope because the elements of the year will give him the desire to grow and he will be able to think outside the box.

“Business people can activate their prosperity corner in the West sector of their office with a wealth vase, a bowl of gold ingots, or a wealth ship.”

What else is in store for the Dog? Marites reveals what 2021 holds for the Dog in terms of romance, wealth and career.

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You’re going to need to make a choice about your relationship this year, Dog.

Marites said: “This year 2021 for the Dog is when decisions will be made about relationships.

“If you had no prior interest in pursuing love, you may want to explore your love interests this coming year.

“You may have been burned by past love partners, but now is the time to put away your anxieties.

“You shouldn’t be carried away with the charming smiles thrown in your direction, because not all of them may be in your best interests.

“Some love interests may ignite the passion in you with their irresistible charm, this doesn’t mean that they are in for a long-term.”

While you may be seeking love this year, this doesn’t mean you’re going to have less fun.

Marites explained: “The desire to find true love will come into focus for all those born in the Year of the Dog, but this does not mean that it will cripple your sense of adventure.

“Don’t get too excited about finding love; it might not turn out to be what you are looking for.”

Marites reckons many romantic relationships will be drawn your way, but this will be short-lived.

She said: “Your love interests will only be vested in what you can offer.

“Try to keep a pair of mandarin ducks or an image of the mystic knot in the Southwest section of your bedroom. This will help you invite exciting prospects in the love department!”

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Money is coming in 2021 in the form of a promotion or profit from an investment.

Marites said: “All your hard work may have paid out but now is the best time to plan.

“The Dog will find rewarding surprises coming his way in 2021 – you may get a promotion or even more profit from an investment.

“Bring with you the wealth and success amulet; it will come handy as your wealth enhancer.”

This year won’t be too easy though, since The Metal Ox brings a fair share of tough spending decisions for the Dog.

Marites said: “Even though your wallet will be full, you should only spend money on important things – even better, focus on investment that could give you a better return in the long term.

“Invest in yourself for some training or personal coaching that could help you gain more confidence and knowledge in the field of business management or anything you fancy.

“This could help you improve your negotiation skills and your instincts will alert you when a bad deal comes your way.

“Do not doubt yourself; instead, follow your intuition because it will lead to more financial gains.”


This year is bringing exciting career opportunities for you, Dog.

Marites said: “You should strive at being the best at what you do.

You will have ideas; make sure to share them because it will go a long way in your professional growth.

“If you have a business you manage, you will have lots of opportunities just waiting for you to grab them.

“This year promises to be one of the best seasons for your career.

“It would be a great time to get your short-term goals done, which will lead you to a much broader professional path. Just remember to stay focused as you go by each day.”

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