Kanye West is talking again, and this time he’s saying A LOT … with very pointed thoughts on George Floyd in particular, which is catching tons of backlash right now.

The guy sat down with N.O.R.E. for a new interview on ‘Drink Champs‘ — and during the 43 minute chat, Ye got a lot off his chest … including the fact that he’s buying what Candace Owens is selling in her new doc ‘The Greatest Lie Ever Sold,’ which is about BLM.

Namely, Kanye repeats a point Candace makes … which is that, from her POV, George Floyd actually died as a result of a drug overdose and other preexisting conditions like heart disease — as opposed to Derek Chauvin pinning him down for upwards of 9 minutes.

It’s something Chauvin’s defense attorney argued in court as well, despite expert witnesses testifying and refuting that … which the jury ultimately believed through their verdict.

Of course, Ye is getting ripped on Twitter for this … but it’s far from the only controversial thing he talked about on ‘DC.’ He also went on to name-drop Pete Davidson, Trevor Noah, Diddy, Meek Mill, Jay-Z and his ex, Kim Kardashian … hurling many, many accusations.

He also references Jews several times, again perpetuating anti-Semitic tropes that they “run the media” and are out to paint him as an abuser … something he resents. Ye also called PD a “heroin addict” and decried the recent fireplace tidbit played up on ‘The Kardashians.’

KW went after some of his own peers in the rap game as well … Puff and Meek, specifically. He called them fake hard, and seemed to suggest one or both of them were a “fed.”

Lastly, Kanye suggested that Drake has banged Kris Jenner at one point or another … seemingly confirming it when he mentioned her current BF’s name, Corey Gamble. He also called Drake the greatest rapper ever — and even said he got his address on Google.

There’s so much more — including his gripes about JP Morgan Chase, MAGA, the Clintons, vaccines, White Lives Matter, etc. The full episode drops on Revolt TV Sunday.

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