In a new interview, the former ‘Glee’ actress admits she often breaks down in tears when she’s reminded of her teenage son Ryder who has just started college.

AceShowbizKate Hudson has a hard time talking about her son leaving home. After her 18-year-old son Ryder recently left home to start college, the 43-year-old actress admits she is still adjusting to life without the teen.

“It’s hard to even talk about. I’ll have a moment where I’ll just start crying because something will just hit me that he’s not here,” Kate shared.

Despite this, the Hollywood star – who has Ryder with ex-husband Chris Robinson – is also feeling excited for her son. She explained, “He’s having a blast, he’s in the city, he’s like ready. And that makes me so excited. I’m so excited for his future. When you see your kids thriving and feeling good in their skin that’s all I can ask for.”

Kate – who also has Bing, 11, with Matt Bellamy, and Rani Rose, three, with fiance Danny Fujikawa – can also relate to her son and where he finds himself in his own life.

She told Access Hollywood, “He was in such a good place and I remember that time in my life when everything in front of you is possible. And I could see it in him and I was just so overwhelmed and I was going to cry.”

Earlier this year, meanwhile, Kate described motherhood has a “crazy” experience. She said, “I don’t think it’s ever what you expect. I mean in a sense, I knew I was going to be tired. Being a mom and a working mom it’s never easy but no, every day, it’s just crazy. It’s insane.”

“I mean, as I said, the little things that just come out of his mouth like that – you just look at him and think – is there anything that’s not more fun than that? I mean, that’s it.”

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