Kim Kardashian has revealed how her ex Kanye West sent her a cruel text which compared her outfit to one worn by Marge Simpson and declared her career over.

It comes as Kim, 41, admitted to suffering from 'panic attacks' about finding her fashion identity after years of being styled by Kanye, 44.

Comforting her sister, Kourtney Kardashian, said: "I think you're like, Who am I now?"

Kim agreed, saying: "Yeah, you're right. I got to a point where I would just like ask him for advice for everything even down to what I wear.

"Even now I'm having like panic attacks like, 'What do I wear?''

She added: "He styled me all for SNL, then at the Wall Street Journal Magazine, I won the Innovator Award for SKIMS.

"I was like, how do I wear something that hasn't been pre-vetted first?"

Kourtney, 43, probed her sister if wearing a "bad outfit" made her feel nervous as Kim replied: "So nervous."

The reality TV star explained how she had attended her first event without being styled by the American rapper but moments later he had called her to say her career was over, along with a text comparing her likeness to the cartoon character.

Kim also explained to her sister Kourtney Kardashian how Kanye had complained in an interview that SNL (Saturday Night Live) "made" her say she was divorcing Kanye.

Kanye also claimed in the interview that he hadn't seen any divorce papers but Kim said that he was actually refusing to sign the divorce papers.

The Kardashians star filed for divorce last February after nearly seven years of marriage and four children together.

Following their split, Kanye has remained vert vocal about Kim's new love interest Pete Davidson.

The rapper took a swipe at Davison, 28, on Instagram before deleting the post.

Opening up to Kourtney, about the latest drama with her old flame, Kim said: "He did an interview last night, saying that SNL got me to say that I divorced him."

In the episode, Kim tells her sister how Kayne was particularly mad about her appearance on SNL because she used the word "divorce" and not that she had simply "filed for divorce".

He was also allegedly annoyed that she called him "a rapper", saying he was "so much more than that" at this stage in his career.

Playing the clip from SNL to her sister, Kim added that Kanye hadn't found a joke, in which she says the reason she divorced him was because of his personality, funny.

"I came prepared with my monologue and that really upset him," said Kim.

"I showed him the monologue but he says he never read it, like he just didn't read the text.

"Kanye had a hard time with what I said."

In an interview discussing his wife's SNL joke, Kayne said: "SNL making my wife say 'I divorced him' on TV because they just wanted to get that bar off and I ain't never seen the papers.

"We're not even divorced."

The sisters then discussed the rapper's refusal to sign the divorce papers after Kourtney had questioned what he was waiting for.

Kim responded saying: "I don't know, I ask him all the time.

"He says he will and then he says, 'Well I don't want a divorce so I'm not gonna sign em.'"

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