Lady Susan Hussey will be invited to King Charless coronation, of course

A month ago, Queen Camilla hosted her first big event at Buckingham Palace as the Queen Consort. The event was part of the rollout of her companions/ladies-in-waiting, and Lady Susan Hussey was included. Hussey was QEII’s favorite lady-in-waiting, and Charles and Camilla had asked Hussey to stay on in some kind of emeritus position. At the event, Hussey barraged Ngozi Fulani with a racist interrogation about where Fulani is “really” from, and chaos ensued. Fulani went public, reporting Hussey’s racism, and BP quickly “accepted” Hussey’s resignation. At no point was Fulani offered a public apology, and the palace left Fulani out there on her own for seventeen days as she was being targeted with racism and hatred. Finally, Fulani was invited back to BP for a sit-down with Hussey, in what was one of the most awkward photo-ops I’ve ever seen. All of that, and the palace still acted as if Hussey was somehow equally a victim because Fulani had reported Hussey’s racism.

So, yeah, the Hussey debacle spoke volumes about the prevalence of racism in the royal court, and the lack of accountability for certain old white people. The way the royal reporters were caping for Hussey, we also figured out that Hussey has long been an indiscreet “royal source” close to power. All of which means that Hussey is on her way back into the royal fold, if not back completely already. Hussey will receive an invitation to King Charles’s coronation!

The Royal aide who quit over last year’s race row will be invited to King Charles’ coronation. Lady Susan Hussey has been given the green light to attend, just weeks after she quit following a storm over her comments to charity boss Ngozi Fulani. Lady Susan, 83 and godmother to Prince William, repeatedly asked Ms Fulani where she was “really from” at a November reception, sparking a huge storm.

She is to get an invite to see King Charles crowned after meeting Ms Fulani at Buckingham Palace and offering “sincere apologies”.

A source said: “Lady Susan received private support from friends during the aftermath of what happened. Some politely canvassed the suggestion Lady Susan should be made welcome at the coronation. It was pointed out the many years of service and duty she gave the Queen, to whom she was a loyal confidente. With relations now smoothed over between Buckingham Palace and Ms Fulani, the King is now able to extend an invitation to Lady Susan.”

Around 2,000 are expecting at King Charles’ two-hour Westminster coronation on May 6. It will be one of the most watched worldwide TV events of the year.

[From The Daily Mirror]

“It was pointed out the many years of service and duty she gave the Queen, to whom she was a loyal confidente.” Meaning, Hussey knows where all the bodies are buried and she knows who buried them. Hussey is “loyal” – to certain people, but not the institution. Much like Charles including Prince Andrew in the royal Christmas crap, Hussey simply knows too much to leave her out in the cold completely. God knows, the racist old bitty might decide to write a book too. As my father used to say: better in the tent pissing out, than outside of the tent pissing in. How long before we hear that Queen Camilla has asked Hussey to return to some position in the palace? In any case, it speaks volumes about the royal court of King Charles and Queen Camilla. This whole disgusting episode has told you everything you need to know about the whole family and the people they surround themselves with.

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