‘Ghost whisperer’ says spirits told him ‘get out’ after visiting ‘haunted house’

A self-described "ghost whisperer" who explored a Brit city's "most haunted house" claimed angry spirits warned him to "get out".

Tony Ferguson was invited to 39 De Grey Street in Hull by UK Ghost Catchers, a paranormal events team, two months ago.

He said that as soon as he entered the house he felt a presence, even as he walked around apparently alone.

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Now, after analysing the footage, Tony said that he "heard several voices say get out," as per Hull Live.

He also claims to have heard voices, bangs, scratching noises and a “hiss” when he laid in a coffin as an experiment to try to capture paranormal activity.

Tony said: “When I was on my own I heard several voices say get out. There's an area of the location where the gentleman kept haunted objects, dolls, and stuff, and I had that area to myself.

“I heard a man say 'get out'. It sounded almost aggressive like it didn’t like us being there. I wasn't shocked because I investigate thousands of locations and I believe a lot of these locations where spirits are there if it’s their home in their eyes we’re trespassing."

He added: “Members of the public heard it and didn't feel comfortable. The house itself you feel a presence in there – that's for sure.

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“If you walk in there you know there's something there. If you’re on your own you don't feel like you're on your own. The whole time I was there I felt like I had someone behind me and you're constantly looking over your shoulder and you're thinking there's someone there definitely.”

Tony laid in the coffin as an experiment and he heard “what sounded like a hiss” and scratching noises on the coffin itself. He said members of the public who joined the paranormal investigation also heard the scratching noises, even though no one was near the coffin.

There were also “haunted” objects in the house such as dolls. Tony and the rest of the group heard footsteps upstairs but he said when they went up to search for it there was “nothing at all”.

The seven-bedroom house, also known as The Hostel, made headlines 2016 when ghost-hunters claimed it was haunted.

However, a local historian who has researched the house said it had an unremarkable history.

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