Lisa Marie Presley barely left house after heartbreaking struggles

Lisa Marie Presley dies at the age of 54

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Lisa Marie was seen at the Golden Globe Awards earlier this week in tears, as she clutched her mother Priscilla Presley and spoke with a slur.

On a rare moment out on the town, the 54-year-old had cheered on Austin Butler for portraying her father in the recent biopic Elvis, which was directed by Baz Luhrmann.

Yet those closest to the star have suggested that she was overwhelmed by continuous trauma after losing son Benjamin Keough.

“In her final years, she was wracked with grief over Ben – he was her baby, and he relied on her heavily,” a source reportedly revealed.

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“Her world completely fell apart when he died,” the source told the US Sun, adding that she’d spent the aftermath confined to one room.

“She found it so difficult to cope and barely left the house for months after his death.

“[Lisa Marie and her ex Danny Keough] would just be holed up in there and she’d stay in her bedroom.”

It has been claimed that Benjamin’s father provided a welcome and comforting presence for her, even though they were no longer romantically involved.

Lisa Marie leaves behind three daughters – Riley Keough, 33, from her marriage to Danny, and 14-year-old twins Finley and Harper from her later marriage to Michael Lockwood.

Michael’s attorney, Joe Yanny, revealed that his client had stepped in to be with the girls due to their younger age.

“He had been hoping for a speedy and complete recovery because her children needed her. It is very sad it didn’t turn out that way,” the statement read.

Lisa Marie’s fragility in her final days could be observed when she participated in an interview with Extra in the lead-up to the much-awaited Golden Globes ceremony.

Clutching onto the arm of her pal Jerry Schilling, 80, she also reached out for the arm of Austin Butler while answering questions.

She admitted that Austin’s portrayal of her father in the movie had been so authentic-looking, she’d needed to take “five days to process [it].”

Meanwhile, last weekend, she poignantly told her fans as they gathered to celebrate what would have been dad Elvis’s 88th birthday, that they were “the only people who can bring me out of the house”.

In a speech to the crowd waiting outside her late father’s Memphis estate, she explained: “It’s been a while. I’ve missed you. I love you.

“I keep saying you are the only people who can bring me out of the house. I’m not kidding. I love you back and that’s why I’m here.”

The star seemed touched as she marvelled at how “moving” it was that fans flocked to the estate every year to mark his birthday, from all around the world.

“Today, he would have been 88 years old, it’s hard to believe.

“I think that he would have been proud,” she urged, adding that 2022 had been “an incredible year”.

Lisa Marie’s fans were devastated when it was revealed on Thursday night that she’d failed to make it and had died in hospital in California.

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