Liz Hurley left fans stunned as she teased her thong

Liz she wore a sheer mesh dress, which revealed her underwear

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Liz Hurley looked fabulous last night as she slow-danced with her friends in new footage shared on social media.

The 57-year-old actress took to Instagram to upload a compilation video of a fun night out with friends.

In the clip, Liz could not stop smiling as she danced and hugged her gleeful friends.

For the occasion, Liz chose a floor-length sheer mesh dress with a geometrical print and gold jewellery.

However, the Gossip Girl actress appeared to suffer a wardrobe malfunction, as her thong was visible through the see through fabric.

Liz Hurley appeared to enjoy a fun night out

Liz looked fabulous during the summery outing, while dancing to Mondo Bongo by Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros

Liz Hurley shared a video on social media

Liz could be seen slow-dancing with her friends

Liz Hurley uploaded a compilation video of her night

Liz could not stop smiling as she captioned the clip “summer nights”

Liz Hurley could be seen hugging her gleeful friends

Liz opted for wearing her long tresses down

Liz Hurley chose a floor-length mesh dress for the occasion

Liz’s sheer gown exposed her thong

Liz Hurley donned a stylish geometrical print dress

Liz accessorised with gold jewellery

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