You know, there’s always a twist in these Marvel-Disney+ jams. WandaVision showed that it was Agatha all along. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier had John Walker juicing up with the supersoldier serum, changing the future of the MCU as we know it. Now, with Loki, fans seem to have a pretty clear idea of what Marvel’s curveball will be this time around.

You know the Time Variance Authority? TVA for short? Well, it seems like it’s about to change the MCU forever. No big deal. We’ve broken down the agency’s inner workings here, but the gist is that Owen Wilson’s Mobius M. Mobius heads up a team of agents and judges and admins tasked with regulating one timeline. I.e. the worst thing that can happen is anything bad happening to the main timeline, which would lead to the creation of multiple divergent timelines. In Episode One of Loki, the TVA is presented as the good guys, protecting space and time at all costs. Now, fans seem convinced that Loki‘s big twist will be a big reveal that the TVA is secretly evil.

The first theory, from Reddit user Canadianbucko, merely raises the possibility that not all is what is seems in that fancy office:

This would make sense. If each multiverse is living out there in the cosmos undisturbed, all of them wouldn’t know each other existed. Then, the conflicts and wars would pop up when a variant causes trouble that bleeds timelines into each other. There’s one other theory worth checking out, since it teases out a potential future for the show a little bit more. Reddit user SpiritedDeduction posits a situation where the multiverse is supposed to exist—and the TVA is just trying to maintain the dominance of its own timeline:

The theory goes on to speculate that the evil Loki variant is actually a future version of Loki who realizes that the TVA is evil—and decides to destroy the agency himself. Eventually, evil Loki convinces sorta-good Loki (this is a lot, I know) that the TVA is evil, too. Then, one of the Lokis actually does succeed in busting up the TVA, leading to the titular multiverse of madness we’ll see in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. This one checks out. It would be a mindfuck, for sure, but would you have it any other way?

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