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Lorraine Kelly announces upcoming absence from hosting show

The ITV presenter has shed one-and-a -half stone, and two dress sizes, that she put on in the pandemic. Lorriane, 62, also credits good genes inherited from her 80-year-old mum Anne.

The Glasgow-born host told Woman & Home magazine: “It’s a compliment to be described as age-defying! I’m lucky. My mum looks incredible, and I’ve inherited her skin and cheekbones.

“I’ve got wee patches of grey but I’ve never done anything to my face. I’m too scared to have any cosmetic enhancements. After gaining 1½st in lockdown, I became unhappy with my size. I had been comfort eating, not doing as much exercise as normal. I’m now about a size 10. I still enjoy a weekend drink and eat what I want, just not vast quantities!

“Before, I’d disappear into big baggy shirt dresses. Now I wear what I want. I’ve got my confidence back.”

With Christmas looming, Lorraine revealed her Yuletide morning tradition of eating a whole Chocolate Orange and enjoying a glass of Champagne.

She added: “Christmas will be very traditional. Just me, [husband] Steve, [daughter] Rosie, my parents, our dog Angus and Rosie’s dog Ruby. I’m always forced to have one Brussels sprout, which I hate. Wee balls of ghastliness!”

The December issue of Woman & Home is on sale next Thursday.

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