Louise Thompson has shared her thanks for the support from her fans as she opened up in a video on her Instagram Stories, after she escaped a house fire last week.

The Made in Chelsea star continues to move forward following the house fire at her mum's home that left her and boyfriend Ryan Libbey homeless and "basically living out of a car".

The pregnant influencer admitted it's been the "hardest 10 days" of her life as she became teary while talking on the floor of her bathroom of her home, which is unliveable as it's being renovated, as she sat with one of her dogs.

Louise was taken-aback as she struggled to fight back the tears but admitted she didn't know if it the was trauma and stress of her experiences in the last two weeks or the pregnancy hormones.

"Ok so I just wanted to jump on here and say hello really because it’s been a while, I have taken some time offline," the star began. "I mean I’ve been posting little bits but I haven’t brought my face on here I haven’t done a lot of talking but I just wanted to say thank you so much everybody for your kindness and your support.

"It’s been a wild year," she continued, but her voice broke and she started wobbling. "I’m gonna get upset, what is wrong with me?" Louise carried on. "I’m actually OK I’m doing well this morning, it’s just been the hardest 10 days, possibly of our lives.

"OK I really wasn’t expecting to cry I feel like I can compose myself now," the star then returned in her next Story.

"I don’t know whether that was hormonal or whether it’s just everything that’s happened over the last 10 days bubbling up in my head and just rearing its ugly head I guess.

"That’s something I’m going to have to get used to now is I might just have the occasional random cry."

Smiling, the brunette admitted she'd been having "random outbreaks" but insisted there is zero "shame" in getting emotional and she told her fans it always makes her feel better afterwards.

"But really I was jumping on here because I wanted to extend a huge thank you to everybody for all of your support, all of your kindness and all of your love," Louise added.

She also went into detail about her current circumstances, reeling off an update that she is safe, well-rested, and both her and Ryan were enjoying full stomachs from "a delicious breakfast".

The reality TV favourite explained she's determined to try and find a normal routine before the baby's born, as she and Ryan remain in limbo waiting for the renovations on their own home to be completed.

While the family continue to move forward and settle into a living situation, Louise recently shared she did a scan on her unborn baby to check and make sure everything was ok.

The star was worried that the stress on her body and mentally could have had an impact on the health of her baby, but thankfully everything was checked over and the doctor told Louise mum and baby were both fine.

"Did a lil scan to make sure everything was ok/peace of mind as my brain is in overdrive," she said.

"Also the baby has been going mental with movement since the incident, but I’m assured there is no such thing as too much movement."

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