Matt Damon is tired of playing hardball – the dude wants out of California … and is offering his house at a significant discount toward that end.

Matt slashed the asking price of his massive Pacific Palisades mansion — which sat on the market since January at $21 million. Now, he’s taken $3.1 mil off the top … and is listing it for $17.9 mil.

Here’s hoping the reduction helps, ‘cause the dude and his fam seem to wanna get a move on with their lives in NYC — where they recently snapped up a luxury duplex … and where they seem to be restarting.

The house itself is a beaut — and at $17.9M ($3 million more than what MD paid in 2013) … it’s a gotta have, right?

The house has 7 bedrooms and 10 bathrooms, and all the special touches you can imagine. There’s a climate-controlled wine cellar, a wine-tasting room, a massage room, a private gym, a pool and even a children’s den.

The market’s super hot, so fingers crossed.

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