When Meghan Markle and Prince Harry first moved to America, there was widespread debate how the couple would and should wield their considerable influence.

Fans hoped that the Sussexes would involve themselves in politics and humanitarian causes, while critics cautioned that doing so would create considerable controversy.

The situation came to a head back in October, when Meghan wrote an open letter to Congress urging members to pass a bill ensuring paid family leave for all Americans.

Several Republican politicians were critical of the move, but it seems that Meghan wasn’t terribly bothered by the backlash.

According to a new press release from Marshall Plan For Moms, Meghan has once again taken up the cause of working class families by helping to establish the National Business Coalition for Child Care.

 “Families everywhere, and especially working moms, are asked to shoulder so much,” Meghan is quoted in the statement.

“This has only been heightened by the pandemic, with increased caregiving responsibilities, rising prices, and economic uncertainty. As it’s been said many times, it takes a village to raise a child,” the Duchess of Sussex continued.

“Today, we’re sending a message that childcare isn’t just a community imperative—it’s a business imperative. Creating a stronger workforce starts with meeting the needs of families,” 

Meghan’s comments echo remarks that she made in last year’s letter to Congress.

“No family should have to choose between earning a living and having the freedom to take care of their child (or a loved one, or themselves, as we would see with a comprehensive paid leave plan),” she wrote.

Clearly, the Duchess is not in the mood to shy away from controversy these days.

Her latest foray into the political arena comes on the heels of a surprising story involving a prominent Democrat.

In a recent interview with Newsweek, Joe Biden’s sister, Valerie Biden Owens, suggested that Meghan should run for president.

“The more women we have, the better our democratic system will work with a better point of view, a different point of view and we embrace all women,” Biden Owens 

“We welcome [Meghan] to come in and join the Democratic Party.”

Asked if she felt that Meghan would “make a good potential candidate one day maybe for president,” Biden Owens responded:

“Yes, perhaps. Of course she will.”

Meghan probably has little interest in holding office, as she likely wields more power as a private citizen than she would as an elected official.

And she almost certainly has no interest in making a bid for the White House in 2024.

Still, it’s not hard to fantasize about the hilarity that would ensue if Meghan went head-to-head with, say, Donald Trump in a national election.

Like so many members of his party, Trump has been critical of Meghan throughout her marriage to Harry.

In a recent interview, the former president memorably remarking “not a fan” of the Duchess, adding:

“I wish a lot of luck to Harry because he’s going to need it.”

Needless to say, Trump vs. Markle would be a highly entertaining debate.

That said, it would probably be good for us to have at least one election with no former TV stars running for president. Just sayin’!

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