Millie Bobby Brown's Ex Says He Shouldn't Have Talked About Relationship

Millie Bobby Brown‘s ex is apologizing for talking about their relationship in a live stream … he says he was drunk and, rather than ramble on, should’ve shut his mouth.

TikTok star Hunter Echo just explained his side of the controversial live stream … saying he was drinking and responded to negative comments the wrong way by continuing to talk about his past with Millie.

Hunter says he shouldn’t have said anything at all and he’s sorry … but it’s important to note he never apologizes to Millie or claims that what he says was untruthful. In fact, he doesn’t even mention Millie by name once in the apology.

Remember … Hunter recently alluded to having a sexual relationship with Millie when she was 16 years old and he was 20, going on Instagram Live and seemingly aiming crude comments about kinky sex acts at Millie.

Hunter Ecimovic and Millie Bobby Brown

As we first told you … Millie’s reps say, “Mr. Ecimovic’s remarks on social media are not only dishonest, but also are irresponsible, offensive and hateful. Instead of engaging in a public discourse with him through the press or on social media, we are taking action to ensure that he stops this behavior once and for all.”

The reps for the “Stranger Things” star didn’t say specifically how they feel Hunter’s being dishonest … and he’s just saying he should’ve handled things better.

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