Why Eva Mendes Won't Be Doing Any 'Barbie' Red Carpets With Husband Ryan Gosling

Though she won't be making an appearance during his press engagements anytime soon, Eva revealed she'd jump at the chance to appear alongside Gosling on the big screen for a second time.

Eva Mendes won’t be joining her Ken on the “Barbie” red carpet.

The 49-year-old “2 Fast 2 Furious” star revealed fans won’t see her accompanying her longtime partner Ryan Gosling at his upcoming movie premieres for the highly-anticipated “Barbie” movie.

When a fan wrote of their excitement to see the “Training Day” actress on the carpet with Gosling on a recent Instagram post, Mendes explained why she would be refraining from posing with her beau of 12 years in order to keep their private life private.

“I really hope Barbie will get through the Awards Season just to see you w Ryan,” one follower commented to which the actress replied, “You’re the best, what a cool comment, thank you. But we don’t do those things together.”

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The comment was on a video clip of the pair from their 2012 movie “The Place Beyond the Pines” and came after she shared another batch of images on the set of the film.

“Like these photos I’ve been posting, I’m only comfortable posting because it’s already out there,” Mendes continued, adding that the only red carpet they’ve ever done together was for the movie.

Though she won’t be making an appearance in the “La La Land” star’s press engagements anytime soon, Eva revealed she’d jump at the chance to appear alongside him on the big screen for a second time.

“By ‘not comfortable’, I mean exposing our very private life that we value,” she said, “I’m still dying to do another movie with him though…♥️”

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While the couple have yet to tie the knot, Mendes and Gosling share two children: Esmeralda Gosling, 8, and Amada Gosling, 6.

Back in October 2022, the “Hitch” actress took to Instagram and denied reports she left her Hollywood career behind after last appearing on the big screen 10 years ago. Rather than saying goodbye, she claimed she stepped away to focus on other opportunities that would allow her more time with her kids.

“I never quit acting,” Mendes captioned a short video featuring various headlines about her exit from the business. “I wanted to be home with my babies and fortunately my other business ventures allowed me to do that more than acting would.”

She also spoke out against the types of parts being pitched to her. “Also, I was not excited about the stereotypical roles being offered to me at the time,” Mendes noted. “Especially after working on the film LOST RIVER- that was a dream project. That’s a tough act to follow.”

“Whats the point of this post?” she then asked. “To shift that narrative. I never quit.”

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