President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris can’t mask their joy over the CDC’s new recommendation that fully vaccinated people can ditch their face coverings — indoors and outdoors … it’s all over their faces!

The Prez delivered a speech in the Rose Garden a bit ago on the heels of the CDC’s announcement, calling it a great milestone and a great day after more than a year of pandemic anxiety, and yes … mask fatigue.

Biden went on to applaud the success of the COVID vaccine rollout in the U.S. and promisingly low coronavirus numbers. After his speech … Joe and Kamala walked off side-by-side with huge smiles — easy to see without face coverings.

POTUS and the Veep weren’t the only ones in D.C. showing elation … we got Congressmen Eric Swalwell, Greg Pence and Michael Guest on Capitol Hill palling around, maskless.

We asked them about the petition to rename the Ronald Reagan Airport after JoJo Siwa, and despite Swalwell being a Dem and the other 2 guys being Republicans … they all reached a consensus.

Maybe this CDC announcement really can unite the country!

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