Sam Asghari Reportedly ‘Stormed Out’ After Britney Spears Had A Meltdown At LA Restaurant

Britney Spears and Sam Asghari’s date night didn’t go as planned.

According to TMZ, the couple went out to dinner at JOEY restaurant in Woodland Hills – but it wasn’t long before patrons at the establishment recognized the 41-year-old pop sensation. Things quickly went south from there. When people began to pull out their cell phones and record videos of the pair, eyewitnesses claim Britney seemingly became “manic” and started yelling and speaking “gibberish” in the middle of the place. At one point, the singer could be seen in a video obtained by the outlet holding up a menu to block her face from the camera. You can see the moment HERE.

Apparently, Sam “got visibly upset” and “stormed out” of the restaurant without Britney. Wow. He really just left her there?! A couple of minutes later, she and her bodyguard left the eatery — but her security came back to pay the bill. At this time, neither Britney nor Sam have spoken out about the incident.

Honestly, we can understand why Britney became upset when she was trying to have a nice dinner, and people began to film her. We’re sending our love to Britney at this time.

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