Sarah Jessica Parker Explains Why She Hasn’t Bought a Cup of Coffee in Over 20 Years

Sarah Jessica Parker has written a new feature for Grub Street in which she talks about everything that she eats in a week and one thing stood out to readers.

The Sex and the City actress revealed that she hasn’t bought a cup of coffee in over two decades!

SJP says that she likes to make her coffee at home and the last time she remembers purchasing coffee on her own was when she was appearing in Once Upon a Mattress on Broadway in 1997.

“I haven’t bought a cup of coffee outside the home since I did Once Upon a Mattress. Wait, that’s not true! On set, I’ll maybe have a coffee from Starbucks, but it’s extremely rare. I just don’t understand how people get out of the house without having coffee in order to go buy coffee,” Sarah wrote in her feature.

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