Sexyy Red Reportedly Dumps Her Clean-Cut Boyfriend for Gang Member

The ‘Pound Town’ raptress, who has credited her unfaithful baby daddy for starting her music career, is reportedly now dating a popular St. Louis man with affiliations to a local gang after breaking up with her college-educated boyfriend.

AceShowbiz -Regular life is apparently not fun enough for Sexyy Red. The rising rapper, who has garnered mainstream attention with her song “Pound Town”, is said to have dumped her clean-cut boyfriend for a gang member.

According to Media Take Out, before her recent success, Sexyy had been in a relationship with “a nice clean cut, college-educated guy.” They reportedly had a pretty happy relationship, but that changed when she rose to fame.

The 25-year-old reportedly called it quits with the college-educated guy and the split coincided with her rise in popularity. She’s now reportedly dating a popular St. Louis man, who has affiliations to a local gang.

Prior to this, Sexyy herself admitted that street guys are more “exciting” to date because of “the thrill” that comes with it, including “shootouts, highspeed chases, fighting, smoking.” She explained, “It’s just like their life is fun.”

The St. Louis native went on noting that “ain’t no wrong” with a guy with regular job, “but he gotta be fun.”

Little has been known about Sexyy’s private life, but she reportedly has a son called Chuckie from her relationship with her high school sweatheart, who is currently in jail. In an interview with Complex, she cited her unfaithful ex for staring her rap carerr.

“The reason I started rapping is because my boyfriend was cheating on me with a lame a** b***h, so I made a song about it,” she shared. “And I made a diss song about him and the girl and her friends. You know, because the friends be in on it too, so I was talking all this stuff about them. And then I showed my boyfriend the song and he was like, ‘Dang, you straight know how to rap. You straight snap.’ And I’m sitting here talking stuff about him, but he was liking it.”

Despite his infidelity, Sexyy has been supporting him. On Father’s Day, she posted a tribute to her baby daddy on social media, writing, “HAPPY FATHERS DAY TO MY BFF Free my baby daddy yal b hatin on him #FreeMyDirty #FreeMyDawg #ItsJustProps.”

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