AI sees Putin go ‘full-Barbie’ with bright pink suits despite Russian film ban

Russia's war mad President Vladimir Putin has been getting into the spirit of Barbiemania . . . thanks to artificial intelligence.

While most assume the despot would rather choose Oppenheimer over Barbie – because, you know, nukes – the under-pressure 70-year-old has been given an eye-popping pink makeover by users of the MidJourney platform.

Using the AI-powered tech, user AEH1991 has made Putin into the biggest fan of the Barbie film on the planet.

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Pictures have emerged of Putin wearing a pink suit while posing with several Russian women wearing hot pink outfits, including tiny shorts.

Other photos show Putin wearing a very shiny, plastic pink shirt and pants combo while posing out in the forest, which Is usually where the real Putin rides horses topless.

Two more images show the President and leader of the Ukraine invasion paying tribute to 1990s boy band East 17 thick pink duffel coat on, compete with a furry hood, gloves and a pink beanie hat.

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Although created using artificial intelligence, the images are look strikingly real, and have left us wondering if he really does have a pink suit in his giant, golden Kremlin wardrobe.

Oddly, Russians are reportedly obsessed with the Barbie film, despite not actually being able to watch it in the country.

Due to the invasion of Ukraine, the film isn't being shown there as makers Warner Bros backed out of the country in 2022.

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However, there are local reports indicating that the film is being shown using high-quality pirated copies, Komsomolskaya Pravd reports.

They also report that Avatar 2, Transformers, The Flash and even Oppenheimer have been brought to the masses in Russia the same way.

All of those films were overdubbed by Russian actors thanks to Russian studio Red Head Sound, before being sent to cinemas across the country to watch completely illegally.

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The news outlet confirmed that the films were downloaded using torrent sharing.

Maybe Putin has seen the film after all . . .

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