Summer Walker Releases Sped Up Version Of ‘Last Day Of Summer’

Summer Walker recently released Last Day of Summer (Sped Up), which is a revamped version of her 2018 project Last Day of Summer.

The singer dropped the new version following the TikTok success of “Karma,” which saw a huge surge in streams after fans sped up the older rendition at the start of 2022.

TikTok influencer @whereisreese created the viral dance, propelling “Karma” into new success. The original song, which garnered 250-300k weekly global streams at the beginning of the year, saw a grand leap, reaching over two million streams, after LVRN/Interscope Records re-released the sped-up song. The song peaked at 4.1 million global weekly streams and reached gold status in August.

“Shame,” “Deep,” and “Girls Need Love (Remix)” are among the other songs that have achieved grand success after being sped up on TikTok and YouTube.

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