Future humans could have hunched backs and smaller brains due to technology

Worrying simulations have shown what future humans may look like, with smaller brains, second eyelids and hunched backs through the overuse of technology.

New research has claimed a fresh look awaits tech-reliant humanity, including what research has described as "tech neck" and a "text claw".

Developments following on from looking down at mobile phones and staring at computer screens for hours every day could have a longer impact than first though, scientists say.

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Collecting scientific research and expert opinions for their portrayal of these new humans, a US tech company has released potential future human "Mindy", who is said to be from the year 3000.

A millennium into the future appears far from what Busted were signing about, as new research shows a hunchback figure with a texting claw and smaller brain.

Among the list of "exaggerated" changes to the body, the US researchers are hoping to highlight the potential harm of using technology too much.

Its aims are to show the physical as well as mental impact of utilising tech on a day to day basis, releasing a chilling list of future human features including "90-degree elbow", "thicker skull" and "hunched back".

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Of the hunched back, health and wellness expert Caleb Backe, said staring at phones "throws your spine fof balance" while neck muscles "expand extra effort to support your head".

Grubby texting claws come through curling fingers in an unnatural position while clinging to phones while thicker skulls will mark a response to reacting to smartphone radiofrequency radiation.

Mindy has also developed a second eyelid to "prevent exposure to excessive light" from screens, with the study also indicating technology is making humans more vulnerable to anxiety and stress related issues.

To prevent looking like Mindy the future human, regular breaks and exercise are recommended, especially if a brain "shrink" is to be avoided, ITV reported.

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