Here’s WWE superstar The Miz breaking character to heap some well-deserved praise on Bad Bunny — admitting the music superstar’s performance at WrestleMania was legitimately incredible.

Miz and Bad Bunny have been beefing for months as part of the storyline leading up to WM37 this past weekend — and when they stepped in the ring to throw down, Bunny was spectacular.

He pulled off everything from a vertical suplex to a Canadian Destroyer (look it up!) … and even frog splashed off the top rope! It was awesome!

Eventually, Bunny pinned Miz for the win — but the former WWE champ says he ain’t bitter — it was a true honor just to share the ring with BB.

“Not only did he earn my respect, I think he earned the WWE Universe’s respect. I think he earned backstage’s respect. I think he earned everybody’s respect in what some are calling ‘The Best Celebrity Match at WrestleMania in History!'”

Miz says what he’s most impressed by is Bunny’s work ethic — BB busted his ass for months at the WWE Performance Center to get ready for ‘Mania … and the hard work clearly paid off.

Sadly, Bunny’s run with the WWE is probably over … at least for now (he’s got the whole music thing to get back to) — but Miz isn’t ruling out a future appearance.

“Ya never know when he’ll come back! I think he had a great experience, I think everyone had a great experience with him.”

“This guy has a hundred dates of music concerts that he has coming up. I imagine he wants some time off, too! But, look … what he did out there at WrestleMania opens the door anytime he wants to come back at WWE. Maybe I’ll get a round 2!”

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