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A man claims he was abducted by aliens and says witnesses saw him "being returned".

Matthew Moniz said that he was visited one night not long after a new girlfriend had moved into his house.

He told Inside Edition: "One time I had a young lady that had just moved in with me.

"One night they came took me and in the process of them returning me back they woke her up, at which point I was being levitated."

Mr Moniz is listed as the scientific advisor for Starborn Support, a community group set up in the US state Maine in 2006 that acts as a support network for people who claim they have seen or been abducted by aliens.

The website says: "We're a collection of regular people who share the common feeling these encounters – abduction, contact, or sightings – have deeply affected our lives in some way.

"Starborn Support and its members are dedicated to exploring safe and reasonable ways of helping each other come to terms with the impact of these understudied paranormal phenomena."

Meanwhile, a UFO expert in the UK has urged the US government to release a top-secret photo that allegedly shows a 100ft object hovering over Calvine in Scotland.

Nick Pope once investigated UFOs for the Ministry of Defence and told The Sun that he was hopeful that US intelligence agencies would release the photo when they publish an upcoming report on UFOs and strange encounters.

He said: "The photos are pretty much as good as it gets.

"They were assessed by defence intelligence staff as real – they were clearly visible, sharp focused, broad daylight with the Scottish countryside in the background.

"The picture apparently taken in August 1990 and is said to show a 100ft object in the Scottish Highlands.

"I hope we get the Calvine photo back, I hope we find the US government had a copy – I am sure they do – and I hope they publish it in the report as the Ministry of Defence say it's either lost or under lock and key for another few decades."

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