Ree Drummond is the superstar host behind The Pioneer Woman. The Food Network star is fearless and is always game for everything — even venturing into new territories like acting in a Christmas movie. Drummond is a sweetheart with a wholesome personality that viewers gravitate to. Her cooking show is all about family and being kind to one another. That is why when her son-in-law Mauricio had a sweet gesture toward her, fans couldn’t help but praise him.

What did Mauricio do for Ree Drummond?

Drummond spreads love and joy on every episode of The Pioneer Woman. The celebrity cook always prepares delicious meals for her family that fans enjoy replicating in their own homes. Drummond shares many aspects of her life on Instagram, which her fans appreciate because they love to see what she’s up to around the ranch.

On Nov. 29, Drummond shared a sweet photo of herself and her son-in-law, Mauricio, after a big football game they had attended. Drummond expressed her gratitude for her daughter’s husband who had a sweet gesture for her.

“Find the kind of a son-in-law who carries your purse to the truck after a big game. It was packed full of cowbells and I guess he could tell I was struggling,” Drummond posted.

In the photo shared on Instagram, Drummond and Mauricio both have the biggest smiles as the latter carries the former’s bag.

Fans praise Mauricio

After Drummond shared the super kind story, it wasn’t long before her followers weighed in on the comment section praising Mauricio.

“Definitely a keeper,” a fan replied.

“You can see Mauricio is such a nice guy. His personality shines through on your show. Alex chose well,” a follower added.

“Raised your daughter to find a gentleman! Sweet guy,” an Instagram user shared.

“I vote for any man who will carry a woman’s purse especially full of cowbells,” another fan mentioned.

“He just knows how lucky he is to have Ree Drummond for a mother-in-law,” another follower commented.

“Seems like your daughter picked a good guy. God bless all of you,” another Instagram user said.

‘The Pioneer Woman’ crosses over to acting

Drummond can do it all and she recently showed fans that she is also an actor. The Pioneer Woman star dipped her toes in the acting world as one of the stars of Candy Coated Christmas on discovery+ streaming service. Drummond plays the character of Bee, a bakery owner in the fictional town of Peppermint Hollow.

Candy Coated Christmas was so much fun to be part of; it had all the magical elements that make holiday movies so special,” Drummond said in a press release earlier this year. “Any initial nerves I felt about joining this project completely melted away when I stepped into the sweet, charming world of Peppermint Hollow!”

The movie is the first work of fiction for the discovery+ streaming service. Candy Coated Christmas is now streaming for viewers to watch.

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