TikTok Star Delivers Ultimate Clapback At Haters Who Questioned Her Metallica Fandom

Popular TikTok user Zaria has released a series of videos, hitting back at critics who questioned her Metallica fandom.

It all started with Zaria appearing in a video wearing a Metallica shirt. The post drew comments from certain people who trolled Zaria, challenging her to “name three Metallica songs.”

In the video she subsequently posted, she names several Metallica classic, and not just that, she goes on to play the songs on the guitar as well.

“Ok, so, the other day, I posted this video of me in a Metallica shirt,” Zaria explains in the clip. “And people were like, ‘Name three Metallica songs. I bet you don’t even like Metallica.’ So my response to you guys is, like, really? Only three? Only three songs? How ’bout I play ’em on guitar for you.”

She then goes on to play “Master of Puppets,” “Enter Sandman” and “One” on guitar.

That’s not all. Zaria posted two more videos, playing the full guitar solo from “One” and Master of Puppets‘ opening track “Battery,” reacting to comments that dared her to play the two songs.

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