Melting Antarctic ice ‘exposes’ skeletal remains of creature on Google Maps

A conspiracy theorist has discovered the remains of what he believes could be a “dinosaur” in Antarctica, although viewers are unconvinced.

YouTuber MrMBB333 was sent in the Google Maps discovery by a follower and shared it in a video which has been seen more than 40,000 times.

The clip, using Google Maps, shows the clear skeleton of a creature, which is lying in an arid valley surrounded by snowy mountains.

“Just a rough guess, I would guess this is somewhere in the region of 12-20ft,” the uploader bizarrely claims.

“It’s intact. I don’t know if this recently thawed and this has been frozen for thousands of years or if this is something new.

“If it is something new, how did it get here?”

When he zooms in on the creature, MrMBB333 claims to spot front and rear legs.

“It could be an old dinosaur,” he continues. “It could be a lot of different things.”

The video sparked a wave of debate in the comments section, where a vast number of viewers claimed it was nothing more than a seal.

“It looks to me to be skeletal remains of a seal and what looks like hands fingers and feet and toes is what's hidden in it's webbing,” one said.

Another commented: “Google search for images of seal skeleton shows a pretty good match.”

Some suggested the seal carcass had found its way inland thanks to the moving ice.

But there were some believers in the more outlandish theories.

“Seals don’t have back legs,” another commented. “It’s almost as if it was planted there.”

And someone else said: “It looks like an alligator skeleton, definitely some type of reptile that walks on land.”

Conspiracy theorists have long claimed the snowy landscape of Antarctica is holding a treasure trove of secrets beneath its surface, which are “coming to light” with the melting of the ice caps.

MrMBB333 recently claimed to have uncovered a huge man-made disc emerging from the snow in the region.

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