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TOWIE's James Lock announced during a preview clip for next week's show that he would be taking a break from Essex after hooking up with his ex girlfriend's best friend.

Lockie told his pal Pete Wicks that he is "not up for the drama anymore" and that he needed to take a break from it – leaving his friend Pete shocked at the revelation.

The ITVBe series return for its second new episode on Sunday (19 September) night which, as usual, was filled with plenty of ups and downs.

This included Lockie, 34, being confronted by Chloe Brockett, 20, over rumours he was having regrets about the fact they had slept together.

This scene featured the aftermath of Lockie having a secret fling with Chloe despite her being close friends with his ex girlfriend Yazmin Oukhellou, 27.

Chloe confronted the awkward situation with Lockie and said: "I've had people going to me, 'I've heard James regrets it' and I'm like, 'What is there really to regret, we just slept together'.

"I've not said anything bad about you in any way, I've just said, 'You know what, it happened, we still get along really well and that's it'."

Lockie added: "Look, I don't know who's been saying what. There's nothing for me to regret. It is what it is. There's nothing too serious for me to regret.

"I'll tell you what, the one thing that's been said was about the phone calls."

Chloe replied: "I don't understand why Pete [Wicks] said that, I'll hold my hands up, there was one time when I called you quite a lot because I was drunk."

Lockie and Chloe managed to patch things up and finish the conversation on good terms, but there was soon more trouble in paradise as Yaz made a surprise return.

Yaz entered the club that all the cast were in and Amy Childs, Chloe Sims and her youngster Frankie Sims were all in shock to see her.

They managed to catch up on all the latest Essex gossip but Lockie then made his way over to his ex girlfriend Yaz.

The former couple had a very awkward conversation as Yaz labelled her ex as "very muggy".

Lockie made it clear that he just wanted to have a chat with Yaz and didn't want it to be a "slanging match".

The awkward conversation then came to a sudden end when Yaz got up and walked away leaving Lockie all on his own.

TOWIE continues on ITVBe on Sundays at 9pm.

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