A little boy had gone viral online after he was spotted reminding his sister of royal protocol.

The youngster and his sister visited the Queen Lying-in-State, when he reminded the young girl to bow to the late monarch.

It’s thought the two children had queued for hours to visit Her Majesty the Queen.

In a clip that’s had over a million views on Twitter, the little girl is about to walk away from the coffin when her brother taps on her shoulder and grabs her hand.

He then proceeded to turn and face the late Queen and bowed as his younger sibling mimicked him.

People on social media have since gushed over the sweet moment, with one person writing: “Oh God this is just too precious. What a wonderful big brother."

Another added: “What lovely children. Their parents must be very proud of them”, while a third branded it as “beyond adorable”.

Members of the general public aren’t the only ones to sometimes forget royal protocol as Prince Harry gently reminded his wife Meghan Markle of the rules during a recent outing.

It’s been a while since the pair have taken part in royal engagements after stepping down from official duties in 2020, but it’s evident dad-of-two Harry, 38, still knows how things should be.

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Following the Queen’s passing, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex stepped out alongside the new Prince and Princess of Wales, both 40, to greet mourners in the street and admire the masses of flowers that had been laid out for the Queen.

The two couples walked out together, with Harry and Meghan, 41, hand-in-hand as Harry sweetly reminded his wife that his brother – now first in line for the throne – and his wife Kate should walk ahead of them.

The 38 year old discreetly slowed his steps and gently pulled Meghan’s hand back to make way for Kate and William to view the flowers first.

Royal fans were quick to spot Harry’s gesture and took to social media to make note of it.

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Sharing the clip on TikTok, one observer penned: "How Harry reminds Meghan of royal protocol by subtly holding her hand back to let William and Kate come through to the flowers first.”

"I love how Harry supports his wife. His mother would be so proud,” wrote another, as a third person pointed out that Kate has had many more years of training compared to her sister-in-law.

The Sussexs will be reunited with the rest of the Royal Family today as Her Majesty the Queen is laid to rest.


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