Can I drive for exercise? How far can I travel to exercise?

Lockdown: David Davis suggests restrictions will end 'in April'

Boris Johnson has plunged England into another months-long lockdown, as he pleaded with Brits to follow harsh new rules from yesterday. They will prohibit social contact both in public and private, urging people to stay at home. The latest lockdown is also the closest in practice to the March plan, which also curbed exercise.

Can I drive for exercise?

The first lockdown imposed a raft of measures on people across England, among them exercise limits.

Ministers allowed people to leave their homes for “one form of exercise per day”.

Once again, the Government is only allowing people to leave their homes for “essential” reasons.

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But people will have fewer liberties stripped from them this time around.

The latest round of lockdown will permit people to go outside for exercise once again.

The Government has not provided a limit on how many times people can leave home.

Exercise is currently the only reason people may leave their homes without an essential purpose.

How far can you travel to exercise?

In March 2020, ministers advised people to “stay local” when they exercise, sticking as close to home as possible.

They also warned against unnecessary travel elsewhere, such as to national parks or beaches.

The January lockdown will once again have these rules relaxed, with travel allowed to several different locations.

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Would-be exercisers can now venture to parks, beaches and even local countryside for a workout.

Playgrounds, heritage sites and public gardens also qualify as places to visit for a daily jog.

But people must stay local – in their village, town or city – when they venture out, and without company.

The restrictions will also prevent people from visiting some locations and participating in some activities.

Unfortunately, team play may no longer go on, meaning people can’t play rugby, football or other sports.

Many of the indoor and outdoor sporting venues previously available will have to close during the national lockdown.

For instance, tennis courts, swimming pools and golf courses are off-limits during the latest lockdown.

Indoor venues such as gyms and leisure centres must all shut their doors for the duration as well.

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