DEAR DEIDRE: I WOULD love to quit my job and become a writer, but I can’t afford it.

I’m 44. I hate the work and am bullied by one of my colleagues on a daily basis.

It started when I joined two years ago. She hated the fact that in my first week, an idea of mine was used over hers.

She tells colleagues I’m stupid, lazy and a “waste of time and energy”.
She’s even sent me abusive messages when she’s drunk.

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I just want to leave. What I’d really like to do is write and publish a novel.

But as both my parents are in a care home, I can’t afford to quit and work it out after.

DEIDRE SAYS: You should talk to your manager or HR. But you can also seek workplace advice through ACAS (, 0300 123 1100).

This colleague is being abusive. Sending drunken nasty messages is likely to be classed as harassment.

You should also alert the police. Take a screenshot of all messages and don’t respond to them. My support pack on bullying will help also.

It’s a great ambition to publish a book – start by testing your ideas on friends and family to see if they would read the published version.

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