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Former drug users have shared their faces of addiction alongside dramatic transformations in virtually unrecognizable images.

After years of abuse they have overcome their addiction which had left many with facial sores, glazed eyes, lack luster hair and rotten teeth.

The before and after photos show astonishing changes with flawless skin, looked after locks and actual smiles beaming back.

They have all got clean and turned their lives around for the better.

Here we take a look at their inspirational transformations that show that recovery is possible.

Demi-Nicole Dunlop

Former addict Demi was hooked on heroin and crack cocaine before turning her life around – and dramatically changing her appearance.

The mum-of-two, Fochabers, near Elgin, Scotland, then 27, told last year how she used Class A drugs every single day for two years.

During her drug using days pictures showed her gaunt face was covered in scabs.

Another shot showed her lying in her bedroom, which was covered in litter, while she was still taking drugs.

But since quitting drugs she has emerged a hidden beauty and had a dramatic make over.

Her transformed look sees her having lush long blonde locks and neatly plucked brows.

Her skin appears flawless and her lips appear enhanced to show off her perfect pout.

Demi has shared her story in order to help other addicts turn their lives around.

Ainsley Loudoun

Ainsley Loudoun was just 14 when she went on daily drug and booze binges.

The former addict, from Kilmarnock, Scotland even attempted her own life but in her late 20s she finally got on a programme to re-build her life.

She told last year: “None of my pals or my family wanted to be round about me. Nobody knew how to deal with me and I didn‘t know how to deal with myself. It was a horrible life."

Her drug using and lack of normal-life saw her appearance change with scabs on her skin and wrinkles under her eyes.

But since quitting she told how she's better inside and out.

She's a blonde beauty who is caring for her appearance and back on track.

Madison McManus

Mum Madison was hooked on hard drugs in the US state of New Jersey when she reached out for help after a stint in jail.

After picking the habit when she was only 15 she overdosed 19 times before she tried to get clean to win her daughter back.

A police arrest image shows a distraught teen who has blurred puffy eyes and unkempt matted brown hair.

But after a long road the 28-year-old is virtually unrecognisable from her younger self as she shared a selfie with long brunette locks and stunning slim figure.

Faith Hill

Former meth addict Faith became an online inspiration after sharing candid videos of her teeth loss to teach others about drug misuse.

Faith, from Missouri spent six years living on the streets but in a series of videos on TikTok, how her teeth became rotten and black before they had to be removed.

In a clip, then 22, she explains: “I was on a six-year drug bender on methamphetamines. I was living on the streets, hotels, anywhere I could manage to lay my head at.

“I obviously didn't take care of my teeth. Well, I thought I did, but I didn't. And it caused a lot of breakage, a lot of rotting, and I finally got them removed.”

An image from her drug days shows her worse for wear and a gap and another showing her 'empty smile' as her teeth had been removed.

But since kicking the habit and having dentures fitted she looks like a million dollars.

Jamee Valet

Traumatised former addict Jamee shared a 'better version' of herself after two years of drug abuse and a 'rough' childhood.

Shocking photos of her bruised and blemished face were captured when she was at the height of her addiction in stark contrast to along with a glowing young woman in a graduation cap.

Jamee, from Oregon, US, revealed on the social media her heroin and meth addiction and turned to crime to pay for her habit.

She now works in construction after going back to school gaining qualifications and turning her life around.

Her new transformation was captured in her graduation showing off her flawless skin and healthy hair.

Anyone struggling with addiction or to help those who are visit the Frank website to find local drug treatment services.

If you're having trouble finding the right sort of help, call the Frank drugs helpline on 0300 123 6600. They can talk you through all your options.

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