Wednesday Addams famously says that she’s allergic to colour, so it’s likely that she’d enjoy living in this terraced house in Manchester, decorated entirely in black and white.

Sabina Andersson, 30, from Manchester says colour is ‘confusing’, so has decorated her two bedroom home in monochrome – even her two cats are black and white.

The mum-of-two who lives with her husband Kenny, their son Leon, three, and 8-month-old baby daughter Nova, says she simply loves the look of her colour-less interiors.

She says: ‘I like how simple it is. There is no need to colour coordinate, which I find confusing.

‘I also like the stark contrast between the black and white, how it draws the eye.’

Even her daughter’s nursery is in monochrome, and her garden patio is tiled in black and white.

Sabina moved into her two-bedroom home in December 2014 – but didn’t start decorating until six years later.

She said: ‘We rent our house, and the first couple of years I didn’t actually have a style at all,’ said Sabina.

‘Our interior was very bland, and anything went. I didn’t think I could do much since we don’t own it.’

But when the UK was plunged into lockdown and Sabina began spending more time at home, she wanted to inject her own style into her interiors.

She said: ‘When Covid hit and we went into lockdown, like many others I started taking more of an interest in our home.’

Sabina was already artsy and enjoyed writing for fun. But was inspired to turn to other creative outlets after a death in her family.

She said: ‘My grandfather, who was my biggest supporter, also died suddenly that same year.

‘So I stopped writing and tried other creative outlets: drawing, creating Youtube videos, blogging, photography, and eventually I found myself browsing interiors on Instagram.

‘I found myself loving the simple aesthetics of black and white. It looked uncluttered, clean, minimal.’

‘I guess it also reminded me of the home I grew up in back in Sweden, which was very white.’

Finding inspiration on Instagram, and decorations in high street shops like TKMaxx and Primark, Sabina set to work transforming her house – and within a year, had perfected her black and white style.

She said: ‘I did it all myself, if you don’t count the amazing people and friends I’ve made who inspire me daily on Instagram.’

Sabina hasn’t been keeping track of how much she has spent transforming her home, but she estimates she’s spent less than £3,000 overall.

She said: ‘We haven’t spent much. A couple of paint cans and brushes, and some stick-on vinyl.

‘Over the year I probably spent up to £500 on decorations and plants for each room.

‘Being self-employed I don’t earn much, so I couldn’t spend more than maybe £200 a month, and that’s when I splurged.

‘A lot of the time I “shopped my own home” using things I already had, or took a paint brush to give something a refresh.

‘My go-to shops are H&M, Homesense, TK Maxx, Ikea, and Primark, but I’ve also come to love buying small from businesses on Instagram, especially prints and children’s decor.’

Since transforming her home, Sabina has shared her work on Instagram – and soon amassed a loyal following of 2,000 people.

‘I get a lot of love for it, because the community on Instagram is so amazing and supportive,’ she said.

‘The people who follow me do so because they have the same love for monochrome as me.’

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