Plus size woman ‘laughed at’ in public flashes her underboobs to shut trolls up

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    A plus size woman proudly flaunts her underboobs to shut down trolls who make fun of her body.

    Mak Moore, 21, shared her personal experience to Daily Star and said "no one has the right to take my happiness from me".

    Trolls have in the past called the size 22 woman "ugly" and "disgusting" because of her body shape.

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    But she refuses to cover up her body and has turned her TikTok page into a safe space for other big girls where she encourages them to be proud of themselves.

    Mak told us: "I was recently in a store and two women were laughing at me.

    "They didn't point but their eyes were gesturing and anyone who has ever been made fun of understands what I'm talking about.

    "My underboobs were poking out and they thought it was appropriate [to stare at me].

    "I did not take the high road as I have taken it too many times with no change – I said something and flashed my underboobs proudly and said 'at least I'm not a miserable thin c***' very loudly.

    "That seemed to make them shut up and continue checking out."

    Despite feeling proud for speaking out, Mak occasionally still faces criticism from viewers online who tell her she "will be prettier if she loses weight".

    One said: "You should stop eating unhealthy food."

    "Fat people shouldn't show their bodies off," another told her.

    The 21-year-old said she has a way to deal with haters by blocking and deleting them.

    "One way to overcome the comments is to just shut them off, it's so easy and you don't need people to comment in order to post stuff," she told us.

    "I feel like people think in order to create there has to be comments. Nope. If the comments harm your mental health, nothing is worth that."


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