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Usually retailing for £99.99, you can currently pick up the VOXON Inflatable Swimming Pool with a £20 discount – bringing it down to £79.99.

Buy: Amazon (£79.99)

The large family-sized swimming pool is 98-inches in length and can fit both parents and children. If you don’t believe an inflatable pool can really have that much room, take a look at the reviews.

One customer said: “With a grand total of two adults and two children in the pool, there still felt like there was loads of spare room so we could splash around and bring out some additional inflatable toys”.

Another added, “It is definitely big enough for three kids and an adult or two”.

This size swimming pool makes it ideal for entertaining multiple kids, enjoying family time, or cooling down with your housemates with a beer in hand.

The pool can hold a whopping 580 litres of water, so it should reach the chest height of an adult when they’re seated.

Although the pool is large, it’s simple to put together, with many of the reviews saying the “paddling pool is really easy to assemble and of excellent quality!”.

Buy: Amazon (£79.99)

Your garden will be safe from water damage with the overflow and drainage design that keeps the water level safe in order to avoid overflowing.

The curved water valve doubles the drainage speed, preventing any blocking of the water valve that could potentially affect the drainage.

The high quality of the pool is another aspect that is frequently commented upon by the reviewers, such as this one who said: “It is quite a large pool, bigger than others and more durable.

“I know this because I have bought and owned quite a lot of swimming pools, all of which have either fallen into disrepair, or I have thrown away. Most of these were overpriced for such poor quality pools”.

“But this pool, while being a little expensive, works out perfectly for a party (you can have about six kids fit in there and splash around) and it is very durable”.

You can pick up a VOXON Inflatable Swimming Pool for yourself while it’s still on sale on Amazon here.

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