This Marvel Swarovski Jewelry Collection Includes a $23,000 Spider-Man Figurine

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In an unexpected collaboration, Marvel and Swarovksi have teamed up for a crystal-laden jewelry and home goods collection inspired by your favorite superheroes. In the limited-edition lineup, Marvel characters such as Black Panther, Spider-Man and the Hulk, are transformed into gorgeous pendant necklaces, gold bracelets and glass-cut figurines — all available on Swarovski’s website starting today.

“Stan Lee was a master storyteller,” Swarovski creative director Giovanna Engelbert, said in a statement. “He has given the world some incredibly influential and exciting super heroes, so it has been a genuine honor to delve into these Marvel favorites and express their individual qualities with our crystals.”

The 15-piece collection is more affordable than Swarovski’s typical offerings, ranging in price from $85 to $250. However, some of the more expensive items include a Black Panther necklace, made up of a Ruthenenium-plated chain and crystal-embellished pendant ($950) and an exquisite glass-cut figurine of The Hulk, crafted to feature 578 facets ($700).

Courtesy of Swarovksi

The headlining pieces of the collection, however, are two limited-edition crystal-embellished figurines of Captain Marvel and Spider-Man, which cost $10,000 and $23,000, respectively. Made with more than 10,000 crystals, the Captain Marvel figure stands at 10 inches tall and depicts the Marvel hero in her signature red, blue and gold body-hugging suit, with one foot off the ground ready to take off on her next quest. The Spider-Man figure, at 22 inches tall and made with more than 32,000 crystals, is exclusively made to order, taking 233 hours to make using Swarovski’s patented Pointiage technology.

“Swarovski is proud to collaborate with Marvel to unite two beloved brands for an iconic jewelry and home collection,” Peter Widmann, Head of B2B, collaboration & licensing at Swarovski, said in a statement. “Both brands have a rich heritage, long-standing legacy, and are loved by customers all around the world – making this the perfect collaboration.”

Shop the entire Swarovski collection here, and look through the best pieces below:

Spider-Man Bracelet

Courtesy of Swarovski

The iconic mask worn by Spider-Man has been transformed into stylish bracelets and pendants, adorned with meticulously placed red and black crystals that have been expertly cut for maximum precision. In addition to these jewelry pieces, the collection also includes collectible crystal figurines of Spider-Man, one depicting the superhero in a web-slinging pose and boasting an impressive 955 facets, and the other featuring the super hero in his iconic upside-down pose, perched on a New York City streetlamp. This particular piece is made up of an astonishing 36,500 sparkling crystals and took 243 hours to complete.

Spider-Man Bracelet$175Buy Now

Captain Marvel Ring

Courtesy of Swarovski

This multicolored ring and crystal figurine collectible both celebrate female empowerment through the depiction of Captain Marvel’s iconic emblem of power, courage and light. The limited-edition crystal figurine is made from 10,000 crystals and portrays Captain Marvel in a ready-for-takeoff pose, showcasing her strength and determination.

Captain Marvel Ring$175Buy Now

Marvel Hulk

Courtesy of Swarovski

The Hulk is celebrated in the collection with two stunning products that showcase the Marvel character’s incredible strength and power. The first is a gold-tone plated bracelet adorned with a fiery green crystal fist, representing the Hulk’s smashing abilities. The second product is this crystal figurine collectible, which expertly captures the Hulk’s signature muscles and imposing presence with intricate details cut from 578 facets.

Marvel Hulk$700Buy Now

Black Panther Necklace

Courtesy of Swarovski

The King of Wakanda is honored through a series of stunning jewelry, including a vibrant motif ring, a life-like 3D figurine, and this mask-inspired pendant adorned with purple crystals. These pieces evoke the power and elegance of the Black Panther and offer a unique way to incorporate the Wakandan spirit into any outfit.

Black Panther Necklace$950Buy Now

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