A woman born with one arm hit back at online trolls and declared "hate comments pay bills".

Berrett Huntsman has built up a large TikTok following for embracing her body – including making light hearted jokes about her arm that did not fully develop.

But despite the 19-year-old being confident about her looks, not everyone on social media has been too kind.

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In one clip, which has racked up a huge 26 million views, the influencer and college student let her long blonde locks down as she posed in a floral bikini in the pool.

She stared at the camera and flicked her hair to one side while she flaunted her toned body and underdeveloped arm.

As many of her 198,000 fans rushed to the comments to pay the beauty compliments, one troll cruelly jibed: “Haha it looks so nasty. Makes me feel uneasy and disgusted kinda, I don’t know why.”

But Berrett was having none of it.

As she modelled in front of the camera in the same two piece swimwear set, she hit back: “That’s okay, hate comments pay my bills too.”

In another clip, the influencer explained how bullying is not OK – and that people in social media videos are in fact real people with feelings.

She explained: “It’s bullying even if it’s ‘funny’ to you. People aren’t ‘asking for it’ just because they are online.

“Ableism is still ableism when it’s online. There’s still a real person on the other side of the screen.

"Of course you can but doesn’t mean you should. Ableism is still ableism even when you think it’s a joke.

“Bullying isn’t OK, even if you don’t like what they look like.”

She continued: “This is bigger than me and my platform. It's across the board. Hate me if you want but be kind to other creators.

“My friends can make jokes because they know my boundaries. It’s weird as f*** for strangers to make fun of disabilities.”

Many people fled to the comments to support Berrett – and some could even relate to her situation.

One person commented: “I was born with one hand also and I am a bit insecure when people look at me at store and school but I kinda try to ignore them you are beautiful.”

Another user added: “If anyone hates you for saying any of these things, they’re the problem babe.”

While a third praised: “Thank you for being so brave and confident. My four-year-old has a 'special arm' too and she loves seeing your posts.”

Someone else shared: “My daughter has a limb difference in her arm as well.

"You are beautiful, just the way you are. Just like my daughter is. F*** the haters.”


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