A woman has shared a useful hack that's a game-changer if you're a foodie.

The handy tip should help to stop dreaded eye watering while you're cutting onions.

Trina Michelle shared an interesting tip on Facebook that has kept the tears at bay – and it's both cheap and easy to do.

All you'll need is a paper towel and some water.

The first and only step is placing a wet paper towel next to the chopping board that you will be using.

Trina's idea is that the chemicals in the onion will transfer to the wet paper towel instead of irritating your eyes.

She explained the reason for the hack in her post, "did you know the reason you ‘cry’ when you chop onions, is that the chemical in the onion is attracted to the nearest source of water (which is usually the eyes).

"If you place a wet paper towel next to your chopping board, the onion will gravitate towards that, and not your eyes."

People quickly took to the post to comment on the hack and see if it really works. Many agreed ad said it worked, with one user saying, "YES! Can confirm this helped sooooo much."

Others were still a bit skeptical, saying that the trick didn't work out and they still ended up teary-eyed. Some users added that the only hack that worked for them was wearing contact lenses.

There are many other hacks that have circulated the internet, such as putting a piece of bread in your mouth or running the tap whilst you're cutting your onions.

Singer Doja Cat hilariously shared some pictures of her recently cutting onions whilst wearing goggles.

Fans replied back to the pictures trying to help Doja with some hacks, including the wet paper towel hack.

However the star took no notice, replying back to the tweets with just the word 'goggles'.

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