ABBA Voyage: ABBA release long-lost new song Just A Notion – Watch the video here

ABBA announces release of new music after 40 years

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Last month, ABBA released their first new material for almost forty years. The two singles, I Still Have Faith In You and Don’t Shut Me Down, were the first preview for the upcoming new album, ABBA Voyage, which will be released on November 5. Today, the pop icons have released the next new track, although this one is actually a long-lost song that was recorded but never released back in 1978. Benny and Bjorn have explained what happened. SCROLL DOWN TO LISTEN TO THE NEW ABBA TRACK.

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Bjorn said: “Wikipedia says this track was recorded in September 1978, which sounds about right. That puts it in between ABBA the Album and Voulez-Vous, and it would have been included in the latter had we not decided against it.

“Why did we decide against it? In hindsight, I don’t have a clue. It’s a good song with great vocals. I know that we played it to a publisher in France and a couple of other people we trusted, and as far as I can remember they liked it very much. So it’s a mystery and will remain a mystery.”

The new release is actually an exciting mix of classic vocals and new orchestrations.

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