Alan Carr cant brace on planes because of his man boobs

Alan Carr can no longer adopt the brace position on planes because of his man boobs.

The Chatty Man comedian piled on the pounds during the covid lockdowns and he’s struggled to shift them, which has resulted in some embarrassing moments on his trips abroad, caused by his swollen size.

Speaking on his Life’s A Beach podcast, he said: “I can’t lose my covid weight so I’ve got a pair of jugs now.

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“I can’t actually do the brace — because of my t**s. Is that good? Is that bad?”

Flight experts believe the brace position — where passengers lean forward, place their hands on their head and bend over — helps protect the body during an emergency landing and reduces the risk of head and neck injuries.

.Alan’s post-pandemic portliness hasn’t just made his flights riskier, the comedian said he was fat-shamed on a trip to Iceland where he’d booked his family into the luxury hotel, The Retreat, to celebrate brother Gary’s birthday.

He spilled: “I got fat-shamed believe it or not. Not in the hotel — outside. My brother is big-boned like me — bigger-boned.

They fat-shamed me and him.“I got scared on the glaciers, I said ‘Gary can I jump on the back of your snow plough?’ They said ‘Get off! Get off! Too heavy!’ How rude!”It wasn’t the first time Alan — whose new autobiographical sitcom, Changing Ends, has received rave reviews — had been insulted about his appearance.

He said: “It happened to me once on a camel in Marrakesh. But I refused to lose weight.”

Alan's interview comes just as ITV has released a clip for the comedian's new semi-autobiographical sitcom, Changing Ends.

As well as featuring a young Alan, the sitcom will also feature Alan's dad, Graham Carr.

Graham is a former professional footballer who played for Northampton Town in the 1960s, he then went onto manage it between 1985 and 1990, he is currently an associate director for the club.

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