BBC Breakfast host Naga Munchetty has revealed she was unable to buy a bottle of wine this morning after being asked for ID at the checkout by the cashier.

The 46 year old journalist posted to Twitter: “Am winning at life in a small way this morning…

“Just been refused to be sold a bottle of wine at the local supermarket by the lovely lady at the till because I had no I.D.


The general rule of thumb within retail work is to ‘challenge 25’ and ask for ID from anyone that looks under 25 years of age just to be safe.

One commenter replied to the tweet: “I’m going to be the one dampening mr chips – many now ask everyone as it’s so hard to judge so if they get someone they don’t know they will ask automatically.

“The fines are huge & they can lose their jobs if caught by a mystery shopper.”

With the recent pandemic and government guidelines encouraging masks to be work when out in public it’s safe to say a number of people are being asked for ID to be safe, subsequently flattering the masses.

BBC newsreader Sophie Raworth responded to the tweet : “I got ‘carded’ recently to see if I was over 25 in a supermarket.

“I was wearing a mask and a hat to be fair, but still.”

Naga Munchetty and co-host Charlie Stayt were in the news Thursday morning for their absence from the BBC Breakfast line up, being temporarily replaced with Sally Nugent and Ben Thompson on the sofa instead.

Twitter fans were quick to notice and speculate about their slot being taken over but current thoughts are that the pair both happened to book time off at the same time.

Naga returned to our televisions this morning with Jon Kay in place of Charlie Stayt but fans were otherwise happy to see Sally and Ben on the sofa Thursday morning.

One Comment read: “You two should be on every day, bringing cheery light relief to the mornings!”

The chipper attitude and professional chemistry between the pair making it an enjoying morning despite familiar faces being missing.

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