Former Big Brother star Chanelle Hayes has flaunted her seven-stone weight loss after having surgery.

The 33-year-old underwent Bariatric surgery as a way to lose weight and has now posted before and after images to show the difference between herself at 242lbs and now at 141lbs

The two images show Chanelle in a bra and underwear standing with her arms outstretched.

She shared a lengthy post alongside the amazing snap, detailing the "5 lessons I have learned since having weight loss surgery.

"1. It does not change my relationship with food. Bariatric surgery is only a tool, if I don’t use it consistently and correctly it will fail. Addressing abnormal relationships with food is so important if I want to become healthier physically and mentally.

"2. Not everyone will understand my choice and that’s ok because it is MY journey. “Just eat less and move more”, “you’ve taken the easy option”, are a few comments I’ve heard along the way. Believe me, it is not easy (wish it was!) and it was not an option I took lightly. But it has been the best decision I’ve made in terms of my health.”

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She went on: ”3. Exercise is different now. I’ve always enjoyed working out (I’m actually a qualified PT, crazy as this may seem) but I actually feel proud to exercise and improve my body after all the junk I’ve been feeding it all these years. It’s my way of saying “hey body, I’m sorry for abusing you…here’s an olive branch” (or a dumbbell).

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"4. Weight looks different on everybody. I am trying to stop focussing on other people’s weights because my only competitor is myself. Ten people could weigh exactly the same but have completely different body compositions. Selfishly (but thankfully) I now only care about myself and mine."

Chanelle added: "5. Even though I’ve lost weight, I’ve grown as a person. I have been every size you can think of and can empathise with the issues that come with them all. I realise people may plaster on a smile – at any size – but not be ok beneath the surface.

"Going through this experience has really given me a better understanding of private struggles and how easy it is to hide them."

Fans quickly went to comments to heap praise on the star.

One wrote: “Be so proud of yourself”.

Another said: “You should be really proud. I’ve absolutely loved following your journey.”

“You look amazing. Such as inspiration to so many,” a third commented.

Famous pal Nicola McLean chimed in to say: “Well done girl xx” while This Morning’s Josie Gibson added, “Wow wow wow”.

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