The livestream for the hit song battle is forced to get paused for a few minutes due to ‘technical difficulties’ after the two hip-hop groups get into a scuffle in front of a live audience.

AceShowbiz -For the first time in “Verzuz” history, a fight broke out during a song battle. During the battle between Bone Thugs-N-Harmony and Three 6 Mafia on Thursday night, December 2 at Los Angeles’ Hollywood Palladium, a physical altercation took place between the two hip-hop groups in front of a live audience.

The fight started after Bizzy Bone confronted Three 6 Mafia for “mocking him” while his group was performing. The two groups exchanged insults before things got escalated as Bizzy threw what looked like a bottle towards the other group.

Things got really messy as both group were involved in a scuffle on the stage. That forced the livestream to get paused with a sign which read, “Due to technical difficulties this event will return monetarily,” appearing on the screen.

Thankfully, the battle resumed after a few minutes with Bizzy issuing apology for igniting the fight. “I wanna apologize to everybody the f**k out here. On both sides,” he said. “I’m not trying to f**k this s**t up. Pardon me. Let’s keep the party motherf**kin’ going,” Bizzy told the crowd.

The unexpected altercation unexpectedly became a huge topic on social media. “Oh snap them n***as really fighting,” one Twitter user tweeted. “The f**king GHETTO!!! [Gucci Mane] and [Young Jeezy] didn’t even fight, but these n***as did and I knew Bizzie would be the one to pop it off,” another fan added.

Some others commented that “They too old for that.” Someone else added, “They ain’t waste no time. The first to ever make them go on break. That’s outta pocket.” One person jokingly commented, “Aint no harmony here.” A user, meanwhile, opined that it would be good to see them on “Love & Hip Hop”, writing, “Chile just put them on the next season of love and hip hop they got a story line we the people wanna know what happened.”

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