Brian May’s praise for Adam Lambert ‘I swear no voice matches his’

Adam Lambert reveals what his desert island disc would be

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It’s been over a decade since American Idol finalist Adam Lambert started performing with Queen as their sensational singing collaborator. The star, who turns 41 today, has always been adamant that he’s not trying to mimic or replace Freddie Mercury. Instead, he feels he simply helps celebrate the late Queen frontman’s legacy with Sir Brian May and Roger Taylor. And according to the guitarist, he’s certainly worthy enough to take on such iconic vocals on the likes of Bohemian Rhapsody and We Will Rock You.

During Queen and Adam Lambert’s London O2 residency last summer, Sir Brian praised the singer’s incredible vocals, saying: “Here’s our boy ! In crackin’ form last night. I swear there isn’t a voice in Christendom to match those amazing pipes ! It’s a real privilege to work with …. The One and Only … Madam Lambert !!! Bri.”

At the time fans approvingly commented: “Freddie is looking down on him and smiling that amazing smile of his!” and “Nobody can replace Freddie, but Adam comes pretty damn close. Amazing voice.”

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Rumours abound that Queen and Adam Lambert are planning another tour that could kick off in North America as early as later this year. In the meantime, the 41-year-old birthday boy has his first covers album ready to release next month.

High Drama, which is out from February 24, already has three singles that fans can listen right now in Ordinary World, Holding Out for a Hero and Getting Older. Here’s the complete tracklist:

1 Holding Out for a Hero
2 Chandelier
3 Ordinary World
4 Getting Older
5 I Can’t Stand the Rain
6 West Coast
7 Do You Really Want to Hurt Me
8 Sex on Fire
9 My Attic
10 I’m a Man
11 Mad About the Boy

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