Britney Spears has left her fans concerned once again following her latest snap.

The famous singer took to Twitter to share the racy snap but decided to leave it off Instagram as the photo bared that little material that it likely would have caused her to be banned from the site for a short period.

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In the photo Britney lounged on a bed as she allowed her hair to fall against her arm which was propping her up as she started directly into the camera.

She used one hand to cover her nipple while the bed strategically covered the other for one of her raciest snaps ever taken.

Britney even ditched her underwear and any form of bottoms for the snap as she very nearly flashed her nether regions in the photo which was deemed as having 'sensitive content'.

As Britney laid on the bed she once again captioned the photo: "I have a premiere for a movie this week 'the legislative act of my p***y'!!!"

The star has now declared the premiere is coming out multiple times this week, but the tweet has been deleted hours after each time.

The post has caused even more concern from fans and despite some people praising the star for being able to do as she pleases, most have questioned how she's doing and urged her to delete the snap.

One user wrote: "Delete this immediately."

Another said: "I can't tell if this stuff is intentional Or her former handlers controlling her social media. She looks fabulous but I'm concerned."

While a third added: "Bestie have someone take your phone away, please."

However despite concern from fans one user supported her by adding: "She's taking back her power. This woman was sexualised by the industry managers and her own parents and the world at large ate it up.

"Now she's taken the help of her own sexuality/power and everything is clutching their pearls? Spare me."

Meanwhile, others were encouraging the pop star to start an OnlyFans rather than sharing her abundance of snaps on Instagram and Twitter.

The star has regularly been kicked off Instagram for short stints following her nude snaps due to the strict rules surrounding the site.

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