BTS’ Jungkook Reveals How He ‘Embraces the Sadness’ by Listening To Sad Music (And Even Lighting Candles)

Even the award-winning vocalist, Jungkook, gets sad sometimes. When he does, though, this BTS member shared that the best thing to do is just “wallow in his sadness” by listening to sad music. Here’s what we learned about this BTS member and some of his best coping methods. 

Jungkook is a dancer and vocalist for the K-pop group BTS

He’s BTS’ “Golden Maknae” for a reason. As the youngest boy band member, Jungkook is talented at almost everything he does. That’s especially true when it comes to performing with BTS, where the idol lends his voice to songs like “00:00 (Zero O’Clock),” “Permission to Dance,” “Butter,” and “Black Swan.”

Although Jungkook shares that he’s happiest one stage or spending time with ARMYs, this idol also had his fair share of sad days. He revealed that he often matches his emotions and moods with corresponding music. 

“It really depends on my situation and mood, but say I feel down,” Jungkook said during an interview with GQ Magazine. “Then I’m the type to listen to sad music and wallow in my sadness.”

BTS’ Jungkook tries to ‘embrace’ his sadness

The BTS members sometimes feel down, especially with the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic impacting BTS’ touring schedule. When that happens, according to Jungkook, the best thing to do is turn to music. 

“I try to savor that heartache,” Jungkook said in the GQ same interview. “I would play sad music and embrace the sadness. And when I’m in the car at night, I like listening to calm music, and in the daytime, fun music.” 

“Sometimes I’ll seek out what’s trendy and other times, what’s old,” he continued. “I can’t get a good handle on my own feelings. But there’ve been times when I thought a track was so-so, only to come back to it later and be surprised at how good it is. It’s why I like to listen to music at random.”

The BTS members often share their favorite tracks and artists with ARMYs. V posted a video of Bing Crosby while Jin gushed about receiving a guitar from Coldplay’s Chris Martin. On Jungkook’s Spotify playlist, the Golden Maknae included “Your Power” by Billie Eilish and “Test Drive” by Ariana Grande.

BTS’ Jungkook sometimes releases emotional covers, including one of Harry Styles’ ‘Falling’

Jungkook played a role in the creative process for BTS’ album Be (Deluxe Edition), even helping direct the “Life Goes On” music video. He co-wrote the song “Stay” with Jin and RM. Sometimes, Jungkook even posts covers to YouTube and Twitter. 

Recently, that included Jungkook’s adaptation of Harry Styles’ “Falling,” which earned 38 million YouTube views. The “My Time” singer even had a cameo in Suga’s “Daechwita” music video, getting into an imaginary fight with Jin. Jungkook also partnered with Suga for HYBE Corporation’s 7Fates: Chakho.

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