Cardi B Says She Is a 'Very Sexual Person' but 'Not Around' Daughter: 'I Make Music for Adults'

Cardi B has a message for her fellow parents: Don't play her music for young children.

The rapper, 28, tweeted in defense of her career on Monday night, responding to a user who posted a reaction to a video featuring Cardi turning off her song "WAP" as soon as her 2-year-old daughter Kulture walked into the room.

"So ya daughter cant listen to it but everybody else's daughter can? @iamcardib," the user wrote. "AW OKAY! Exactly what I been saying you have an agenda to push with that trash ass label your [sic] with. DISGUSTING."

"Ya needs to stop with this already!" Cardi replied. "I'm not [JoJo Siwa]! I don't make music for kids I make music for adults."

She continued, "Parents are responsible on what their children listen too [sic] or see. I'm a very sexual person but not around my child just like every other parent should be."

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"And if you make music for adults stop retweeting and liking kids dancing and singing along to your s— then," the original tweeter replied.

Cardi's fans jumped to her defense in her replies, with one noting, "Why do they never ask this to the male artists making adult music?"

"Honestly, lazy parents expect the Internet to raise their kids, celebrities are not responsible for your kids you as a parent should provide boundaries and show them what's right or what's wrong but of course everyone wants to just have a baby but not actually take care of it … " another said.

Cardi has long defended her sexuality and her place in the music world, saying in her recent Billboard Woman of the Year cover story of considering herself a role model, "I know I'm a bitch that made it through because I work my ass off, not because luck fell on my thighs."

"I want to show people that you can do positive things, but you can also be yourself," continued the "Money" rapper. "I'm a very sexual person. I love sex."

Cardi (née Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar) explained that she also liked to rap about sex in her music.

"I admire my husband's penis. I love p—y, and I love my body, and I want to be able to express that," she said. "I'm just a naughty girl, and I'm not hurting nobody because I love my p—y and want to rap about it."

She then went on to address the double standards female artists still face in the industry.

"I don't want to be like, 'Oh, female artists, we have it hard,' " Cardi said. "But we do f—ing be having it mad hard! I could be bumping to one bitch's music, and the next day, people are telling you, 'Oh, this girl is better than Cardi. She's gonna end Cardi.' I hate that y'all do that. Why do you want me to argue and not like this girl?"

"N—-s be out here doing the most, being disrespectful, [but] just the other day, I was getting chewed up because I said the R-word," she added. "Like, how you gonna cancel me for calling myself r—-ded? They want you to be Mother Teresa, they want you to put out music and they want you to look a certain way. It's like, 'Y'all gotta chill — I'm just a regular-degular bitch, man.' "

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