MTV's Geordie Shore is back for a brand new series but this time there is a dating twist, as bosses change the structure and narrative of the programme.

But as the show is set to focus more on "us personally and our personal journeys" said cast member Nathan Henry, this doesn't mean that all of the stars fully change their iconic ways.

Talking exclusively to the Daily Star, Marty McKenna was asked whether he came back to the show to spark up another romance with ex Chloe Ferry.

Marty, 27, said: "Listen, I just come back in for a good time."

But before he could go on to explain himself, Chloe, 26, jumped in to say: "You're a f***ing liar right, you came back in to rekindle things."

Marty laughed and batted off her remarks by dropping some strictly secretive stuff himself.

He continued: "Shut up, man. You're full of s***. When we were in London she messaged us saying 'come downstairs and buck us.'"

Turning slightly red-faced and sheepish Chloe just acknowledged the claim with a subtle "no comment".

Revelling in Chloe's embarrassment, Marty added: "I'll drop bombs b****h. She can't keep away from the length.

Despite these raunchy revelations, the show itself is still concentrating on moving away from its "top sh***er" reputation.

Chloe explained: "The show is not really about s***ing anymore it's a whole different concept."

She also went on to explain that she hopes the future of the show follows suit and steers away from the booze and bust-ups.

She added: "I hope it stays like this because we are all getting older now, don't get us wrong we still all love going out and partying but I feel like with this concept you have to see us in a different light, plus everyone had a much better time this time around."

Brunette bombshell Abbie Holborn also joined in to say that she much preferred the new structure of the show.

Abbie said: "And because of restrictions as well with coming out of lockdown everyone was happy for it.

"I 100% prefer it, I loved it and I think that everyone did as well."

Brand new Geordie Shore premieres Tuesday, October 5 at 10pm on MTV.

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